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Cheap Xanax In Mexico, Can I Buy Xanax Uk

“I’ve worked with HeavyLight now on a number of occasions. Particularly on creative projects and have been extremely pleased with the creative process, the delivery and the overall result. An extremely flexible organisation.”

Cheap Xanax In Mexico, Can I Buy Xanax Uk

“HeavyLight have played a valuable role in their work with BT. We greatly value their ability to turn functional concepts into a workable visual design. HeavyLight’s strength is in a deep empathy with the media market, which means that their designs stand out in terms of originality and fitness for purpose as well as a stunning visual appeal.”

Steve Russell BT Global Services

“The Heavylight team were exemplary – not just the excellent quality of the work, but the team demonstrated reliability, problem solving and dedication. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Johanna English Senior Account Manager, Ogilvy Action

“We’ve worked on several online projects with Heavylight and it’s always a great experience. Matt and the team are fast and flexible and their designs are well-thought out – they really know how to combine excellent functionality with imaginative visuals.”

Mark Turner Psychologist & Managing Director, Real Group

“HeavyLight are extremely flexible and easy to work with, they add a great value to BLM. The team have an amazing capability to provide structure to the most nebulous of design specifications for our marketing designs. In user interface design they use detailed application of best practice for layout before applying the artistic magic for the overall look. The look, feel and operation of our client side control components is in an intrinsic part of product – ease of use is paramount, and HeavyLight take us through rigorous process to achieve that end.”

Julian Wright CEO, Blue Lucy Media

“The team and the work they did for us was excellent. Always willing to help and do over and above what was asked.”

Philomena McGing Experian Interactive

PULL-OUT quote2

“I initially hired HeavyLight to design my website, however, since then their ideas and commitment have gone way past the call of duty. They have come up with brilliant marketing and branding ideas and been willing to do quick changes to the site when needed, and they have always gone the extra mile when needed in emergencies to help with the company. They are easy, reliable and most of all fun to work with.”

Flora Montgomery CEO OneLine Films

“Heavylight were a pleasure to work with. The team quickly showed real understanding of our brand and delivered designs that were imaginative, engaging and well engineered.”

Jon Labram Brand & design manager, Beazley

”HeavyLight are an excellent design company to work with.They take a careful brief, come up with innovative and original design proposals, and are then flexible and helpful as the project develops.”

Nigel Dacre CEO, Inclusive Digital

“As an information architect and usability expert, HeavyLight are a pleasure to work with. HeavyLight want to first understand the user’s tasks and requirements, and then design an engaging experience around what will delight the user. Great designers of functional software.”

Peter Timmer Bisant Usability Consultants

“We approached HeavyLight initially to produce a full re-design of our ContentAgent software product’s user interface, and the results were not only excellent but the collaborative process was also enjoyable. We have continued to work with them on designs for new features and hope very much that our relationship will continue into the future.”

Nick Ridley Head of software development, Root6 Technology

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